Crooked Spines

by The Crooked Spines

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released April 1, 2016


all rights reserved



The Crooked Spines Athens, Ohio

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Track Name: I'm Down
i've gotta get out of this town
gotta get down to the heart of it
cause I'm down with the woman I love
i'm down with my high school crush
i'm down
if you feel like dancing with cars
know exactly who you are
baby I'm down
If you feel it hit you straight in the chest
stronger than a bullet proof vest
baby I'm down
baby I'm down on my knees I'm begging you
i'm out of pleas
Track Name: Need A Woman
so dizzy that i can't see
please take your eyes off me
ill say it when i want to speak
otherwise just let me be

i need a girl to love me everyday
i need a girl who smiles when she greets the day
i need a woman

now I'm so tired but i can't sleep
and I'm so bored that times not moving
all of my friends are long gone
i guess their lives are moving on

i need a girl to love me everyday
i need a girl who loves the stupid shit i say
i need a woman
Track Name: Face On Fire
i was in the back with my face on fire
rolling through the night as the moon expired
passing by the room where the wolves conspire
washing off my hands clean of desire
it seems i was deceived by the vicious liar
who said i can't get relief from my fake empire
all the while he was standing on our golden tower by his own

she was holding strong when the news came on
that all her hard work would become undone
she would slowly fade into the sun
and she's the only one
who cares to admit
we're all too strange
we all resist the needs of the coming age
and even as we fade into our resting place
don't be afraid
Track Name: Someday
i try not to let it get to my head
I'm feeling good in the worst way
I'm comfortably on top my head is spinning
it doesn't feel so good when you're sitting here

someday when my mind gets right and the fire burns bright
I'm gonna come back down

every day that you're not near me
i feel so alone and i don't know what to do
and every time that you're not around
i feel like everyone sees through all of my doubt when I'm walking around

but someday by the firefly field you'll grab my hand and smile
yeah someday when the river flows just right i'm gonna make you my wife
Track Name: The Story of Evangeline (and the Crooked Spines)
Sworn lover of a bastard child
she sold her diamonds to save her soul
she had a spirit running wild
she took her chances out on the road
promised never to return back home

the most desired woman alive
they took a liking to the fire in her eyes
she pulled them in with a flash of skin
and left them burning from within
yes she's dangerous and her touch is purely sin

evangeline and the crooked spines
they're coming in and they're coming for you
evangeline and the crooked spines
they've got a notion and a taste for disaster

evangeline was to be my wife
we left our homes to be by her side
her touch was cold, colder than ice
to hear her voice made it feel so right
but something went wrong I hadn't seen her in months

the last I heard she changed her name
left LA with the take from our fame
bought a ticket to a city unknown
and all she left was one simple note
it said I'm sorry I left, one day I will return

Evangeline was the girl of my dreams
she was my only queen
and I won't rest until she's back in my arms

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